Experience a New Look with Eyelash Extensions in South Mackay

Are you looking for an easy way to look and feel beautiful? Do you want to limit the time it takes to get ready each morning but still look healthy and polished? Professionals and stay-at-home mums agree that eyelash extensions are a favourite beauty trend for busy women.

As the body ages, eyelashes fall out and lash growth diminishes. The results include sparse or thinning eyelashes and a look of constant fatigue. Also, thinning eyelashes can increase the need for additional makeup to achieve the desired look. Eyelash extensions in South Mackay can provide a radiant, youthful look without the application of heavy cosmetics. Eyelash extensions will save you time leaving the house and allow you to look beautiful without the effort. At Gina T. Hair & Beauty in South Mackay, we offer a gentle, painless application of natural eyelash extensions.

With over 20 years of industry experience, our highly trained staff makes the process easy for you. The eyelash extension application is painless and includes an assessment of colour, shape and style of eyelashes while you relax. The results are strategically placed eyelashes and a fresh, youthful look.

We have been providing quality salon services including eyelash extensions, to the residents of South Mackay for over 20 years. Catering to families, children, men and women, we are proud to keep the residents of South Mackay looking their personal best.

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