Don’t Settle for Second Rate: Get the Sleekest Hair Extensions in South Mackay with Gina.T Hair & Beauty

Hair extensions is an item that is available over the counter and can be applied in your home. It has become increasingly popular over the past decade or so. However, comparing an at-home extension job to a professional one is a bit like dyeing your child’s hair bright pink for a Halloween costume and comparing it to a professional hair colouring job. It just isn’t the same. So if you are considering applying hair extensions in South Mackay as a way of making a serious change to your current appearance, do not settle for doing it yourself or even a lower end salon. This is the kind of major life choice that requires seeking professional advice.

Your appearance is how you present yourself to the world. Whether it be to meet someone for the first time casually or for a job interview, this appearance is likely to be your first impression. Don’t leave this first impression in the hands of store bought products or casual hairdressers. At Gina.T Hair & Beauty, our stylists are skilled and experienced – in fact, we have been doing business for more than twenty years. For you, this means that we can be trusted with your appearance. Our hair stylists are professionally trained and educated in top of the line hair extensions and other products including Show Pony Hair Extensions, a local Australian brand, as well as Graft-A-Lash eyelash extensions, as well as a host of others. So if you are looking for hair extensions in South Mackay, call us now to make an appointment.