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Hair extensions are amongst the most accessible ways for women of all ages to change their appearance starting from the top down. As a way to significantly change your hair without damaging it, it is understandable that so many individuals want to get this look. It also helps that extensions can be bought at many stores and applied in your home. However, the options available at retail stores or in-home salons fall significantly short of what you can get through Gina.T Hair & Beauty. The fact is if you are looking for hair extensions in West Mackay, we are amongst the best educated and skilled hair stylists working in the area today.

When it comes to our services including applying hair extensions, our stylists are specifically trained in top of the line extensions such as Show Pony Hair Extensions, a local Australian company. Our hairdressers are also thoroughly educated when it comes to the variety of techniques and styles you may desire. When it comes to obtaining hair extensions in West Mackay, our stylists are able to provide clip in extensions, tape, stick tip, micro bead weft, sew in weft and skin weft options. We also offer extensions of various lengths, ranging anywhere from fourteen inches to up to one meter. This level of variety and care is unrivalled in our industry and has led to our lengthy run as a business and our well-earned reputation.