Become a Regular and Get Discounts from Gina.T Hair & Beauty — Your Local Mackay Hairdresser

Regardless of your vogue or frequency of needing attention from a professional Mackay hairdresser, your hair no doubt needs attention time and again. With this in mind, it is preferable to find a hairdresser you can trust and build a relationship with for years to come. That way you don’t need to go through the effort of finding a new one each time. Also, a relationship with one stylist allows the professional to help you achieve the look that works best for you. So what do you look for in a hairdresser? First and foremost, quality. When dealing with something as sensitive and important as your appearance, you need to know that you are in capable hands. With twenty years in business and a fully trained staff on the leading upper-end hair products, at Gina.T Hair & Beauty, you can rest assured that your hair will be handled well.

Another thing to look for when choosing a long-term regular Mackay hairdresser is what kind of advantages there is for committing to that one option. With Gina.T Hair & Beauty, we put our customers first and appreciate your business. That is why we offer various value packages, such as a ‘weekly treat me’ option, and we continually run different promos for your benefit. On top of being amongst the highest quality hairdressers around, our ability to take care of our long-term customers and reward loyalty is what keeps our clients returning time and time again.